Visa/Entry permits.
There are different types of visa such as visitor’s visa, transit visa, tourist visa, business visa,
diplomatic visas, gratis visas, etc. Application is to be made to the Nigerian Embassy in the
country where the applicant resides. If the applicant resides in a commonwealth country, it is
called an entry permit.

Employment Visa.
Under Section 8 of the Immigration Act, any foreigner seeking employment or work permit
must obtain the consent of the Comptroller General of Immigration while those seeking long
term employment must obtain resident permit from Nigerian immigration authorities. Short
term employments (three months or less) will apply to Nigerian missions in their country for
temporary work permits while long terms employments must obtain Subject To Regularization
visas (STR) and resident permits. STR visa are for three months duration. Application is to be
made to the Nigerian mission in the applicant’s country of residence. Spouse or dependent of the
applicant are also eligible to apply for STR. Upon obtaining the STR visa, the applicant will be
allowed to take up the employment in Nigeria and will have to regularize and obtaining residence
permit within three months of entry into Nigeria.


Return or Re-entry Visa.
These types of visa are issued to persons holding residence permits to enable them return to Nigeria after the expiration of their residence permits.

Expatriate Quota.
Companies seeking to employ expatriates in Nigeria have to seek for expatriate quota permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission. It is for two years duration. It is renewable after every two years.

Residence Permit.
Under Section 10(2) of the Immigration Act, persons who are not citizens of Nigeria may apply for residence permits to live in Nigeria. It is to be issued by the Comptroller General of Nigerian Immigration and endorsed on any travel document as a combined expatriate and residence permit card (CERPAC).

Business Permit.
Any foreigner seeking to do business in Nigeria or take over any business or practice any profession must obtain from the Minister of Internal Affairs or Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission.

Registration of Aliens.
Under Section 7 of the Immigration Act (Control of Aliens) Regulations, all persons being over 16 years not from a commonwealth country who intends to stay in Nigeria for over 56 days must be registered with the Aliens Office within 21 days of arrival in Nigeria. Such alien officer must supply the Comptroller General of Immigration with the particulars of such registration. Exempted are persons under 16 years, diplomatic immune persons, visiting heads of states, seaman except those who comes ashore for over 28 days, persons holding visitors visas.